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If you want to quickly fill roles with the right people then you’ve come to the right place. We can give you the software, data and services you need to carry out pre-employment and existing employee background checks to help you to recruit with confidence.

Whether you want to recruit the best talent, re-screen existing staff or vet potential tenants, our background checking software, data and services help you carry out the best checks for the job.

What is a background check?

If you skip background checks, you can leave your business exposed to potential risk. This might happen because your vetting processes are inefficient, or you believe that screening employees is time consuming or a poor use of valuable resources. Nothing could be further from the truth because these checks protect your business from risks and potential losses.

A background check helps you understand an individual’s background, including their identity, education, employment history, credit history and any relevant criminal record information.  Our background checking tools help you identify inconsistent or adverse information, helping you make fully informed decisions. Background checks are vital when taking on new recruits, re-screening existing employees and finding trustworthy tenants for a property.

What background checks do we offer?

Criminal Records Check

Right to Work Checks

Employment & Education History

Other Checks

The best employee checks aren’t about ticking boxes. They’re about understanding people. Work with us and help improve your onboarding process today.

Who would use a background check?

Employers in all industries can benefit from using background checks in their recruitment process. It not only helps employers decide on who would be a good fit for their company, but helps to minimise fraud risk, income loss, damage to reputation and so much more, as checks flag up any discrepancies in an individual’s history.

Discover our background checking solution

A fast, paperless way to get the background information you need, our background checking solution Candidate Verifier helps to automate and speed up the vetting and screening process, so you can quickly fill roles with the right people. It helps to remove risk for the business and give candidates a better journey too.

The benefits of a background check with Experian

  • Our screening process is simple, fast, efficient and cost-effective, helping you to improve your onboarding journey and the candidate’s experience.
  • We’ll give you clear, quick and easy to understand results so you can make fast and effective employment decisions.
  • Good service is essential to excellent background checking. Our comprehensive screening support team is on hand to guide you throughout the screening process and ensure you have all the information you need to create the best onboarding experience for your HR teams and candidates alike.
  • We’ve been in the business of data for a long time, giving us a wealth of information and experience that could help with your business. Speak to one of our background checking specialists, they’ll be more than happy to advise on bespoke packages to suit your needs.
  • Our software can be integrated with existing systems and processes, so there is no waiting around for it to be installed or merged.
  • Our direct data links mean we can return checks instantly, giving you early-warning indicators you can act on straight away and helping you avoid onboarding delays.

How can I order my reports?

Pay Now

You order the checks yourself using our online vetting management system and we process them. A quick and easy way to order small volumes.

Outsource Service

For larger volumes of checks, we’ll manage the full vetting process and background checking for you.

API Integration

To help deliver end to end efficiency, we work with you to integrate our data and system with yours.

For businesses
Suitable for 1-10 checks per year
Only £54.99 for:

  • Basic Criminal Record Checks
  • Identity Check
  • Adverse Financial Check

For businesses
For 11+ checks per year
Checks include:

  • Basic, Standard or Enhanced Criminal Record Checks
  • Identity Check
  • Adverse Financial Check
  • Validation Checks
  • Reference Checks

For businesses
Checks include:

  • Basic, Standard or Enhanced Criminal Record Checks
  • Identity Check
  • Adverse Financial Check

Are you SM&CR ready?

With the extension to the Senior Manager & Certification Regime (SM&CR) coming in to force for all FCA authorised firms in December 2019, are you confident with your employment screening processes and checks?

We understand that preparing for and implementing SM&CR can be time consuming for both your employees and your own HR teams. As an FCA regulated firm, we have first-hand experience of adhering to the requirements set out by the FCA ourselves, as well as working with clients to implement screening in line with SM&CR.

Our screening service, as a managed or integrated option, can help you to create a streamlined service for your candidates and employees, in line with SM&CR regulation.

Why choose our employment screening service?

  • Our HR specialists are experts in screening under SM&CR and can advise the best checks for the roles you have
  • We offer a wide range of checks for all FCA regulated firms
  • We have a large dedicated service team to carry out checks, delivering clear, concise and detailed reports
ECCCSA Bronze Winner 2019

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Background checks are often labour-intensive and admin-heavy and in many organisations are still carried out manually. But our automated tools make the process quick, simple and more accurate. Our software, data and services will help you carry out checks on new recruits, ensuring you hire the right talent for the right job.

It’s also important to carry out regular background checks on existing employees to minimise the risks to your business. Our Bulk Upload tool can help you do this. For some of our customers, this background checking solution has eliminated the need to store and manage employee documents.

Using manual screening processes, background checks can be time-consuming. Different sources of information have to be accessed and verified, and this can consume valuable resources. With our background checking software and tools, some checks can be done at the touch of a button, with results generated instantly.

You can ask a potential employee to do their own basic criminal records check, and this will cost £23. But this is only one part of a background check, and depending on the role, you will need to carry out more comprehensive checks. Our background checks cover a wide range of areas, from identity and credit checks to employment reference checks.