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Mar 2019 | Fraud detection | Fraud Prevention

Experian Hunter

Did you know that Experian Hunter has been the application fraud management solution of choice for more than 20 years? Here are some secrets to our success:

 1.  The power of consortium data

Cross-matching data against member organisations means that when one is attacked every member knows. In fact, consortium members report a 45% drop in fraud rates over screening just their own data.

2.  The power of advanced analytics

With Experian, you get hundreds of the world’s top data scientists and advanced AI tools. Focusing on new detection methods and greater accuracy means that Consortium Members see better fraud management plus still supporting a great experience for their customers.

3.  The power of today’s most in-demand technologies

When combined with Experian’s Identity and Fraud platform, CrossCore, Hunter’s consortium data provides valuable insight that allows clients to selectively apply the right level of protection needed for every transaction. These additional layers include identity proofing, document verification, behavioral biometrics and machine learning analytical models.

Learn more in our Hunter infographic.