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What is first party fraud?

First party fraud involves knowingly misrepresenting your identity or giving false information to get services and credit you might not otherwise be eligible for.

Icon highlighting stats of brits admitting to first party fraud

CIFAS research shows that 1 in 13 Brits admitted to committing at least one form of first party fraud in 2021, with 16-34-year-olds the most likely to have done so.

Icon showing delivery being one of the most common types of first party fraud

The most common types of first party fraud were falsely claiming an online delivery hadn’t arrived to obtain a refund, claiming a Single Person Discount on a council tax bill, and falsifying an insurance claim.

Icon highlighting stats of first party fraud rise in 2021

Data from the National Fraud Database showed that first party fraud rose by 18% in the first nine months of 2021, compared to the same period in 2020.

Icon showing the financial knock-on impact of first party fraud

First party fraud is often seen as a “victimless” crime, but it has a knock-on impact on all our finances; from higher insurance premiums to bigger council tax bills.

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