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Working with the Government Counter Fraud Function to support Local Authorities

Experian have partnered with the Cabinet Office to develop a service that will allow Local Authorities to ensure that the funding eligible to UK businesses reaches them in an effective manner.

It is important to the Cabinet Office and Experian that public services are protected, the financial risk to small businesses and taxpayers is minimised and to ensure small businesses will be able to continue to operate within their communities.

Therefore, two solutions have been designed which can be taken either separately or together for optimal results.

Click here to see more information, which provides details of the bank and business solutions including input/output details for the checks and the upload mechanism.

These solutions will be delivered by the National Fraud Initiative (NFI) and are as follows:

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Please contact the below if you require any further information:

The Counter Fraud Function may refer your request to the NFI team or back to ourselves for further product support.