How to improve the efficiency of financial crime compliance when assessing business customers

Understand your business customers to better manage your financial crime compliance risk

With the ever-expanding scope of regulation and high costs associated with compliance risk, reassessing traditional approaches to financial crime compliance is crucial. You’re increasingly having to focus on customer due diligence checks, customer remediation and monitoring activity due to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

Furthermore, the teams responsible for performing due diligence checks on your business customers may have limited resources and could struggle to monitor business customers after on-boarding. This could provide a poor customer experience if, during remediation or periodic reviews, customers have a lot of questions to answer.

View our webinar to hear Experian experts cover the followings areas:

  • The business landscape – how is this changing and what are we seeing?
  • Industry issues and challenges – meeting regulatory needs, customer expectations, limited resources, increased costs and consistency across divisions.
  • What questions we’re hearing from you and the industry and how we’re answering these
  • How you can tackle these challenges and reduce assessment time from hours and days to minutes

Also during the webinar, there is a live demo for Experian’s recently launced ComplianceIQ product.

Watch the recording below.