As someone who is trying to prospect into a B2B segment, how many emails do you get promising you marketing data lists with great prospects?

One might catch your eye as you’re looking to enter that industry or grow in that sector.

But as a responsible marketer you need to be sure that the data is good quality, is legitimate and compliant and it’s going to be delivered in a way you can use. So, you close the email and carry on with limited, out-of-date data knowing you’re leaving leads and revenue on the table.

Or you find a credible supplier who gives you a huge list of data. Apart from being hard to handle, you might struggle to segment and understand the data. Do you ‘spray and pray’ and hope some of it lands with the right people? And doesn’t your heart sink when you see the email stats with less than 1% open rate and a bounce rate of 20%+?

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t need a marketing data list. You need high quality data combined with insight to maximise your chance of a good ROI and minimise wastage.

Only an insight driven B2B data list will:

  • Focus on a high-quality segment from the largest potential pool of businesses
  • Have a higher proportion of businesses and contacts that are going to be interested in what you’ve got to offer
  • Give you access to key decision-maker contacts
  • Integrate the data with your current client base
  • Have relevant physical addresses – trading addresses and not registered office locations

But this has to be combined with high quality marketing data from a trusted provider to make sure you:

  • Only include people who are allowed to be contacted
  • Have a low proportion of unreachable or duplicate contacts
  • Have data that meets legislative requirements backed by stringent due diligence
  • Have the most complete data, verified and completed from multiple sources
  • Can integrate the data into your systems and processes

Which means you really can execute campaigns that maximise your engagement and response rates and minimise your wastage.

How can we help?

Experian can help you create insight driven data lists that can increase data quality up to 45% and double your open rate, all from a FCA-regulated organisation you can trust.

BusinessView is your go-to platform for finding high quality company contacts. With a database of over five million companies and hundreds of searchable variables and attributes, you can find the best prospects to fuel your marketing and sales campaigns as trusted by 1,000 businesses.

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