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Credit Systems and Processes

As competition grows across all markets, there is increasing pressure to make effective decisions at every stage of the credit lifecycle - new business, customer management and debt collection. By feeding data into your own in-house systems, generating a bespoke scoring tool, or even a fully managed credit decision making system, you can get the intelligence you need to stay ahead.

  • Commercial Autoscore - Fast, tailored, automated business credit checks.
  • E-Series Business - Easy access to high quality business reports.
  • Ledger 360 - Monitor the credit status of all businesses on your ledger
  • Risk Audit plus - Profile your business customer base to reveal credit risks and business opportunities
  • Risk Report - Comprehensive business credit reports
  • Web Services - Online integration of business credit data into your systems
  • Commercial Autoscore - Fast, tailored, automated business credit checks
  • Data feeds/CEMS - Feed Experian consumer credit data directly into your in house systems
  • e-consumerview - Our online tool to provide lenders access to consumer credit information
  • Probe - Customer management - Combine customer data with segmentation, scorecards and strategies to drive customer management
  • Strategy Management - Implement consumer Credit Management strategies for better profitability, reduced risk and lower bad debt
  • Tallyman - Sophisticated consumer debt collection management software.
  • Transact Application processing - Credit Originations - Automated consumer credit Application processing and decisioning system

Most businesses deal with supplying credit, whether in the form of secured or unsecured finance, supplying goods on credit, or agreeing trading terms with a supplier or client. Ensuring you can manage your credit relationships effectively is key to running a profitable business.

We can help you optimise your credit management systems, so you can:

  • Minimise credit risk
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve customer experience
  • Maximise profitability
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