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Integrating social media into the marketing mix

Integrating social media

Find out how one of our clients used the Alchemy Social ad manager tool to target its Facebook advertising more precisely than ever to individual customers.

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Alchemy Social Facebook Ad Manager

Experian's powerful Alchemy Social Facebook ads manager platform is designed with two goals in mind: driving performance and saving time.

As with search and display activity, delivering successful advertising via social media requires a specific set of tools and a deep understanding of how the channel can contribute to a client’s overall digital strategy.

By partnering with our team, advertisers benefit from 10+years of collective industry expertise in ensuring our clients get the very best out of their social marketing efforts, including their Facebook advertising campaigns.

Maximize results with our Facebook ad manager platform:

  • Create rules to auto-optimize campaigns for near-real-time cost-per acquisition(CPA) optimisation
  • Control ad spend at segment-level by location or target group
  • Easily & effectively optimise activity at various points of the campaign cycle
  • Track multiple conversion points

Quickly create Facebook advertising campaigns:

  • Generate 1000s of Facebook ads in minutes combining various locations, targeting & creative
  • Clone & repost campaigns with one-click
  • Achieve the best campaign performance at the lowest cost. The Alchemy Social Facebook ad manager platform is specifically designed to allow clients to launch & manage hundreds of campaigns quickly.
  • Deliver contextually relevant ads based on specific targets

Manage Facebook advertising campaigns in real-time:

  • Create & schedule custom reporting with easy-to-use drag-and-drop report builder
  • Analyse conversion data & integrate with other analytical tools
  • View real-time reporting to understand CPA and conversion rates at ad level
  • Integrate campaign results with tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Digital Marketing Suite

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