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Access, maintain and interrogate customer data that’s both accurate and compliant

Your data and identity management processes need to be compliant, customer-centric and effective from the very first moment you start collecting data to your ongoing communications and interactions. These processes need to help you to gather insight to predict customer behaviour and needs, plus – crucially - they should help you understand and manage customer identities across different channels and devices, in both online and offline contexts.

Your ability to deliver engaging and relevant customer experiences relies on your ability to maintain, access and interrogate customer data that’s both accurate and compliant to support marketing and analytics.

Data management and enrichment

The most prized asset you have is the customer data you acquire. This is often gathered through multiple online and offline channels, but with CRM databases frequently disconnected from one another, companies often struggle to understand or validate the integrity of their data. Fortunately, there are solutions.

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Creating a single view of customers

Data management isn’t a single solution – it’s the culmination of many data processes that work together to address the unique requirements of each organisation. The result is a unified view of customers based on data drawn from all the company’s CRMs and various touchpoints.

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Collaboration and linking offline and online identities

Creating secure and trusted data collaboration with other organisations can unlock opportunities, but must learn to do so in such a way as to never compromise first-party data. In addition, there is value for shifting from relying on digital and device identifiers to distinct customer identities. This requires providing transparency and control to your own customers, while putting robust strategies in place to ensure you can continue to identify and engage your preferred target audiences at scale across digital channels in the future.

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