Managing your customer data

Your data and identity management processes need to be compliant, customer-centric and effective from the very first moment you start collecting data to your ongoing communications and interactions. These processes need to help you to gather insight to predict customer behaviour and needs, plus – crucially - they should help you understand and manage customer identities across different channels and devices, in both online and offline contexts.

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Managing your customer data

Your ability to deliver engaging and relevant customer experiences relies on your ability to maintain, access and interrogate customer data that’s both accurate and compliant to support marketing and analytics. Click the links below to find out how Experian can help…

The most prized asset you have is the customer data you acquire. This is often gathered through multiple online and offline channels, but with CRM databases frequently disconnected from one another, companies often struggle to understand or validate the integrity of their data. Fortunately, there are solutions…

Get your data in the right order

The first step to improving your data is to ensure the data coming into your organisation has been properly and compliantly collected, and that it’s brought together in one place in a timely manner.

Cleanse and refresh your data

Once you’ve gained access to all your data, you need to audit and enhance your records so that they can support marketing and analytic operations. Good data management solutions such as those offered by Experian can make sure any duplicate records are eliminated, gone-away contact details have been updated and that suppressions and opt-outs are tagged.

Understand and fill gaps in your data

Once you’ve ensured your customer data has been collected compliantly, then centralised, standardised and refreshed, one crucial step remains. You need to check for possible gaps in your customer database. If they’re found, enrichment options are available to fill in the missing details and ensure your communication channels remain effective.


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