Experian Support Hub wouldn’t have been possible without close collaboration

Over three years, we have worked with disability and accessibility experts, charities, and our founding partners HSBC, Nationwide Building Society, Tesco Bank, NewDay, and OVO to ensure Support Hub can improve access to essential services for those who have previously encountered difficulty.

Find out more about why our founding partners wanted to get involved with Support Hub – and what it will mean to their customers – in the video below.


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Collaboration across different firms and sectors is really important because its really a simple – a consumer has multiple relationships, with many organisations that are entwined within the fabric of our life.

Chris Fitch, Vulnerability Expert, Bristol University

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By 2030, our aim is to help 7 million consumers connect to over 200 organisations to get the support they need.

This is why we are asking organisations to join together to change lives.

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Jo Pearson: Yeah, absolutely fantastic to be at the launch.

Cheryl Belgrove: Really excited.

Kathryn Townsend: It’s fantastic.

Maxine Prichard: So excited.

Sarah Liddon: It is fantastic to see the full launch go ahead after all the hard work that’s been put in.

Jo Pearson: So the Support Hub is a way of customers who have needs to be able to communicate those needs to a number of different organisations.

Kathryn Townsend: The problem for customers historically has been that they’ve had to tell firms multiple times.

Maxine Prichard: Customers don’t always feel comfortable. They don’t know that they can. They don’t know that there’s support there, available if they do talk to us. All sorts of reasons why people aren’t disclosing.

Sarah Liddon: And to be able to tell all the organisations at one time is just brilliant for a consumer not to have to keep repeating their story.

Steve Donovan: There’s been other things in this space that have tried to kind of look at single stop solutions for customers. But actually how does it work? How do you bring all these things together?

Maxine Prichard: The complexities come where everyone has their own strategies. Each firm has its own way of working.

Kathryn Townsend: Vulnerability is so broad and it’s nuanced. There’s no black and white. So how do you create something for the entire industry that’s usable is really challenging.

Jo Pearson: It needed someone to bring it to market and bring everybody together. And I think Experian have done a fantastic job of that.

Paul Lamont: This is such an important milestone in the project. It has had so many different stakeholders working towards this. It’s been fantastic to work with not only so many fantastic organisations, but frankly, so many fantastic individuals within those organisations. And you know, everyone is so passionate about driving positive change.

Cheryl Belgrove: Experian has done such a good job of bringing everybody together and helping facilitate those discussions, and that learning their social values is such a huge integral part of the Support Hub. And they’re such a trusted brand, and it makes such sense that they are kind of the centre of it.

Paul Lamont: From a firm perspective, firms really want to help consumers. We know that working together will drive those better outcomes, so that challenge seemed like a challenge worth solving in a collaborative way.

Gerry Mallon: Vulnerability isn’t a competitive issue, so the notion that we could collaborate with others in the industry to understand the support needs of particular customer groups to get insight on that and to allow us to develop and improve the way in which we support those customers we thought was a wonderful idea.

Sarah Liddon: And that’s the thing with this. It’s not about competition. This is about finding solutions for consumers.

Cheryl Belgrove: It’s been really great to work with the other firms, but also really, it’s really clear that we can’t solve this in silo. It’s really important that we collectively bring our heads together. Collectively, we can make such a huge difference to consumers who need that extra support.

Jo Pearson: We’ve worked with all the founding members. We’ve worked with lived experience experts from the industry and obviously Experian, and that’s been fantastic. I think, you know, for once we’re not all being competitive.

Steve Donovan: It’s not about competition. This is about we’re trying to make things work for customers, empower independence. But probably most importantly is that you’ve got that confidence that it can be scaled. If we’re looking for a one stop solution for customers in this space, we need to make sure that that one stop solution can handle all the requests that come in. If we want it to be a one stop shop, have one shop.

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