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Feb 2022 | Data Quality

Over half of organisations say that customer experience continues to be their top priority

In Experian’s 2022 Global Data Management Research Report, we uncover what it means to be agile and flexible in a data management programme and how those characteristics are a necessity in keeping customer centricity.

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As Andrew Abraham, the Global Managing Director for Experian’s data quality division says:

“Pairing trustworthy contact data with an agile data management programme enables organisations to make their data actionable, allowing for better and fast decisions when pursuing new and existing opportunities.”

Although data quality has been top-of-mind for years, the reliance on quality customer insights has grown as we continue to drive digital transformation and adapt to the new norms caused by the pandemic. This year’s research shows that the market clearly understands the need for flexibility, with agility being more important than ever. To ensure organisations can quickly pivot, they need to have high-quality information ready to go at their fingertips.

The organisations we surveyed believe data management helped their response to the challenges of the pandemic and agree that data quality is a core pillar to future business growth.

Our research explores:

  1. Data in a digital world
  2. Agility: A modern must-have
  3. Quality matters

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  • 52% of organisations say that customer experience continues to be their top priority since 2020
  • 85% indicate that poor quality contact data for customers negatively impacts their operational processes and efficiency
  • 94% believe having agility in both business and data practices is important in responding to the pandemic
  • 9 out of 10 believe agility and flexibility are key parts of being data driven
  • 92% of businesses believe agility would enable better decision-making across their operations
  • 88% say that being data driven helps them stay on top of customer needs and market trends
  • 89% say contact data has become more important than ever to reach their customers during the pandemic and now
  • 93% say the quality of contact data has become more important over the last 12 months

Experian’s latest research unlocks the importance of data agility in a rapidly transforming market. We surveyed over 900 business leaders in three continents—North America, Europe, and Australia—on the impact of high-quality data in today’s digital landscape. Download the research to access our insights.