Wales & West Utilities improve response rates

Overview: Wales and West Utilities improve emergency response rates

Wales & West Utilities improve their emergency response rates with address validation for SAP CRM

Wales & West Utilities is the gas emergency and pipeline service across Wales and the southwest of England. With a gas network of more than 35,000 km of gas pipes, they supply gas to around 2.5 million households and businesses, serving a population of 7.5 million people. Discover how Wales & West Utilities drastically improved their engineer response with Experian Data Validation for SAP CRM solution

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Challenge overview

Wales & West Utilities deals with thousands of emergency calls a day, striving to keep over 7.5 million of people safe and warm. The company embarked on a major business restructuring. Like any other business, it was important that they hit the right balance of their engineers being quick and efficient whilst following precautions as safely as possible. Being heavily reliant on their pressurised workforce, the company quickly identified that they needed an address management solution to help validate addresses, primarily for its gas connections operation. 

  • Seek an address management solution to help validate addresses
  • Provide efficient and excellent customer service
  • Improve day-to-day management and communications
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Company Bio:

Wales & West Utilities have been transporting gas to homes and businesses with the extensive network of pipe throughout Wales and the southwest of England for nearly 20 years. Established in 2005, they deliver the services with 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They respond to gas emergencies, and they invest £2m every week across their network, connecting new properties and replacing old metal pipes with new long lasting plastic ones, to make sure the communities Wales & West Utilities serve receive a safe and reliable gas supply for generations to come.

Industry: Utilities
Number of employees: 1,300
Number of people served: 7.5 million
The importance of this system cannot be underestimated as there are mission-critical aspects to this work. For health and safety reasons, it is vital to get the engineer to the right address as quickly as possible, and address validation helps us to do this.
Phil Pike, Head of IT, Wales & West Utilities

Solution overview

Experian Data Validation for SAP seamlessly integrates with Wales & West Utilities’ SAP CRM solution. When call centre agents enter new gas connection customers’ details into the CRM, Experian’s app validates the address and completes the details correctly. 

When a member of the public smells gas, they call an emergency number which is routed to a national call centre operated by the National Grid. They then get routed to relevant gas distributors to deal with the emergency. Wales and West Utilities uses Experian Data Validation for SAP CRM to validate each address on entry. The solution includes a real-time look-up to the MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number), identifying each individual’s gas meter in seconds, ensuring that the right engineer is sent to the right place quickly. 

Wales & West Utilities drastically improved their engineer response with Experian Data Validation for SAP CRM solution.
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  • Real-time MPRN look-up now helps the mission-critical system work efficiently
  • Identifies each individual's gas meters in seconds for swift engineer response to the right address
  • Able to meet Ofgem standards for reaching the source of gas escapes within a one-hour period
Wales and West Utilities improve emergency response rates

Wales & West Utilities improve emergency response rates with address validation

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