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Nov 2021 | Data Insights | Data Quality
By Posted by Steve Farr

Your CRM sits at the heart of your organisation and is best placed for implementing data quality best practices – to help you to retain existing customers, win new ones and run a tight ship operationally

It naturally follows that data quality needs to be key to the planning and implementation cycle when you’re investing in a new CRM.

CRM departments without sophisticated data management tools run the risk of a 25% reduction in potential revenue. To compound that, Experian’s annual Data Management Research, shows for 2021 that just 51% of organisations believe that their data is ‘accurate’ in their CRM and can be fully leveraged.

If you missed this CRM data management webinar, you can watch it on-demand above. This learning-packed webinar will help you by focusing on why CRM data quality is business critical for any organisation’s overall performance.

What you’ll hear:


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Importance of data quality management The impact of poor CRM customer data Customer success story


Meet the presenters:


Steve Farr Lucy Bourne
Steve Farr
VP of Solutions & Marketing, Experian
Lucy Bourne
Partner Development Manager, Microsoft