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Transform your systems with accurate data

Small mistakes can have a big knock-on effect when it comes to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Take customer address details. A simple slip of a computer key can lead to costly delivery mistakes, lost sales and reputational damage down the line. Most organisations still input contact details manually, so the chance of these types of mistakes is high. That’s one reason most CRM projects fall short of expectations.

This is where our data integration solutions can make a big difference. They let you record new data without mistakes, remove errors from existing records and spot duplicate information. Plus, they work seamlessly with your CRM and ERP systems and make them work harder for you.

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The benefits of data integration

Our data integration software makes your CRM and ERP systems more effective. This means your marketing campaigns and business operations will be more efficient and potentially more profitable. 

  • Better returns: Target customer communications, including marketing campaigns, more effectively
  • Lower costsReduce the financial impact of data errors and improve customer experience
  • Better decisions: Make smarter, more informed decisions using complete and trustworthy data 


Up-to-date contact information in your CRM and ERP systems


Flag up errors and duplications to improve data quality


Accurate data from a vast range of trusted data sources


Correct data from point of entry, as well as verification of existing entries


Simple integration of data


Reduce the chance of manual errors

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Pre-built integrations

We offer pre-built integrations into several CRM, ERP and E-Commerce applications for a quick and seamless set up. If you don't see your application here, please get in touch to learn how we can help. 

Salesforce CRM

Validate postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers globally in real-time. Our certified app integrates seamlessly into Sales & Service Cloud. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Validate, standardise and enrich postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers at multiple touchpoints within Microsoft Dynamics 365. 


Validate, standardise and complete postal addresses in real-time within SAP CRM and ERP to maximise your system ROI and ensure data accuracy. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Validate, standardise and enrich postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers through a certified cartridge on the Salesforce LINK Marketplace.

Key Features of our Data Integration Solutions

Our data integration solutions work seamlessly with your CRM and ERP systems. They draw on data sets from around the world to verify contact details and give you the tools you need to accurately record data from different channels.

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Enhance your business prospects

Our software and tools improve the quality of your data so you can find new customers more easily. 

  • Quick and easy to add to your existing CRM or ERP systems

  • Reduce the number of keystrokes needed to type an address by up to 80%

  • Tailor data formats to suit your individual business needs

  • Access a wide range of data sets to verify contact details

  • Capture addresses accurately at point of entry

  • Seamlessly analyse existing data to spot mistakes and gaps

  • Reduce call handling and data input times to reduce costs

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Quickly capture, standardise and validate

Make sure postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers within your Salesforce CRM are accurate and complete.

  • Meet the challenge of multiple users and points of data entry

  • Global data covers 245 countries for address and 220 for phone

  • Validate addresses against official postal sources

  • Autocomplete search for addresses 

  • Deliverability check for email addresses

  • Free trial available

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Data integration is the process of combining information from a number of different sources in one place. One example of data integration is to bring together customer contact details, including postal addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers into a single view. This enables an organisation to quickly access all of a customer’s communication channels without having to search for them in different places, saving time and money.

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