Sep 2020 | Fraud Prevention

Digital fraud prevention

As people are confined to their homes during lockdown and have more free time to participate in leisure activities such as online gaming, it’s increasingly important for gaming vendors to leverage fraud prevention tools.

The surge of online gambling during the global pandemic has also increased online fraudulent activity. While fraudsters are capitalising on the crisis, operators are left with the challenge of mitigating risk and protecting players.  While the COVID-19 crisis continues and gambling establishments such as casinos remain closed, the need for reliable security measures is even more significant, as players rely on virtual options only.

To keep fraudsters at bay, at Experian we know that verifying your customer’s identity, assessing their personal affordability and having a complete picture of their relationship with you is top priority for the gaming industry.

We help you identify a person and confirm the identity of that person – across multiple channels. Our capabilities manage the validation process and continually monitor it so you can be confident that a consumer is in fact who they say they are, both in the UK and internationally. We will also verify their age, so you can relax knowing your clients are of legal minimum age. We have a suite of risk-based authentication capabilities to help you  identify any threats,  prepare your plans, and win trust when it comes to data security.

The gaming industry is evolving fast, and there are unique challenges that need to be addressed now; whether it’s acquiring more players, improving the player experience, or managing fraud and risk. We can improve every stage of the player life cycle and find the right balance between risk management and player experience to drive continued growth. Bringing these capabilities under one roof gives you the ability to adjust and pivot quickly as conditions change — giving you better control over your fraud-detection and prevention strategies.  Find out more