Risk analysis

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Recognising and evaluating risks within your portfolio and operation is a necessary first step in reducing threats to your bottom line. But what is the best way to assess and control risk? And how can you protect your business while remaining open to new opportunities?

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Risk analysis

Proactive risk management helps you to identify business threats and create a plan to deal with them. Find out how Experian can help you avoid unpleasant surprises by clicking on the headings below…

To successfully manage the risks presented by business clients, you need to be able to assess their financial standing and predict future weaknesses that could affect your relationship. Fortunately, Experian has a range of options to make the task much simpler.

Assess B2B risks

Having access to a powerful range of credit scores, like those offered by Experian, can help you gauge whether a new commercial applicant can meet a given payment schedule or if a different offer may be required.  They are also useful in assessing the level of risk contained in your existing customer portfolio, so that you can manage it more effectively. 

Speedy analysis and decisions

When integrated into your systems, business credit scores can speed up applications by identifying the riskiest customers. Smart algorithms can also predict business failures, insolvencies, arrears and defaults that are likely to occur over the coming 12 months. This frees up resources to focus on proactively responding to potential problems.

Commercial compliance risks

It’s important to track changes to the businesses in your portfolio to avoid exposure to financial crime. Compliance solutions, like Experian’s Compliance IQ, can spot new risks as they arise, even in complex corporate structures. They also help you establish a company risk policy and stay compliant with anti-money laundering and anti-fraud regulations. 

Quickly seize new opportunities

Detailed insight into your clients’ commercial deals along with their corporate, financial and business circumstances enables you to offer the right products at the right time, and often before your competitors even know there’s an opportunity. Experian’s Market IQ displays all this information in a single interface to simplify the process of gathering and analysing market intel. 


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