Evergreen content stays relevant for a long timeframe

It’s not topical, or driven by news, but instead focuses on the issues that matter to your audience and crucially, it continues to add value.

Creating high quality evergreen content is essential for your marketing calendar because these are the pieces that your audience will return to time and again. They’re the blogs and reports that will be saved, shared and reblogged because they contain such useful information.

How will I benefit?

Good evergreen content will reward you with high volumes of traffic to your site, higher search engine rankings because of its continued popularity and ongoing lead generation, long after it was first created.

What should I talk about?

If that’s got your attention, then your next job is to decide what you’re going to create. Here are some great ideas for topics:

How do I make sure it keeps adding value?

Once you’ve got your content idea, it’s not quite as easy as just republishing it every so often. Take five minutes to review your piece every three or six months, and ask yourself:

  • Can you amend the copy or update some elements to give it a fresh spin?
  • Is anything now irrelevant that can be deleted?
  • Or have new facts come to light that should be included?

Make sure that you review your ‘call to action’ at the end to point readers in the right direction and don’t forget to review your keywords to improve SEO rankings too. Could you amend or update your keywords to give the piece even more power?

Now that you have your evergreen content, don’t forget about the role of content amplification. Your content shouldn’t just sit on your site and wait for organic traffic, instead use a variation of channels to further amplify to maximise its reach.

Content amplification definition

Content amplification can include:

  • Sharing the content to your own social pages as organic social media posts
  • Using budget to promote the content as part of paid social media activity
  • Including a link to the content in emails or newsletters to your customer base
  • Paid partnerships to promote your content on relevant third-party websites

By incorporating an evergreen plan into your marketing calendar, you’ll be creating long-lasting content that remains relevant to your audience – offering the potential to drive high volume, high quality traffic to your site.

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