Managing commercial credit is no walk in the park

You’re trying to help your business grow and mitigate risk whilst keeping bad debt to a minimum and run an efficient team. The decisions you make an have a huge impact on your business, so you need to get them right. That’s where business IQ comes in.

Business IQ is an intelligent online platform that lets you manage the entire commercial credit process through one simple interface. It draws on Experian business director, consumer and payment history data to provide a detailed view of your customers business, their financial situation and credit risk – now and as it changes over time. You can use in-depth credit reports to see the risks associated with a business and director, whether they’re based in the UK or any of the other 194 other countries available worldwide.

You can get alerts if a business’s circumstances change so credit and sales teams know when it’s time to review terms, or to talk to a customer. You can automate decisioning to make instant and consistent credit decisions and give your customers a better experience. You can validate and verify an individual’s identity quickly and confidently to minimize fraud and help meet know your customer and anti money laundering regulations. You can easily pinpoint areas of risk and opportunity across your customers and suppliers so you know where to focus collections and sales activity, with easy configuration, clear dashboard views and task management. Business IQ helps you streamline your processes and policies, and it makes auditing easy by giving your team a place to store and retrieve credit reports, individual customer notes and alerts.

Business IQ helps you reduce risk and shape future strategies for your business. To find out more click here.