Business credit checks

Commercial credit reports empower you to make confident B2B decisions. Find out who you’re dealing with and uncover any hidden risks involved before making lending decisions or other business arrangements. Experian’s in-depth credit reports are available for companies in the UK or 238 locations around the world.

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Business credit checks

Easy-to-understand, comprehensive business credit reports can help you mitigate risk and avoid bad debts. Click on the headings below to find out more…

Successful commercial credit management is all about balance. On the one hand, you need to identify and capitalise on opportunities for growth. On the other, however, you need to mitigate risks and avoid bad debts. To attain this insight efficiently, you need detailed insight that can help you weigh up the options.

Business credit reports

Data is the key to making good calls in B2B lending. One way to ensure you have the information you need is by using a business credit report service. Experian’s BusinessIQ platform includes business credit reports as standard. These provide instant access to in-depth UK credit reports on small businesses and sole traders through to large PLCs. You can also get international credit reports as an add-on if you need them. 

Get expert insight

Not all business credit reports are the same, so it’s important to assess quality when choosing a service. Reports that cover a business, as well as its owners and directors, are crucial for spotting potential fraud and financial crime. At the same time, an easy-to-follow overview of a business’s finances coupled with analyst comments helps you make quick confident decisions. Business credit reports containing Commercial Delphi Credit Score trend information are also valuable for gaining an understanding of long-term performance.  

Look at the wider picture

Drilling deep to determine a business’s financial stability is crucial but taking a step back to view the wider picture can help you spot risks on the horizon. Comparing Delphi scorecards against the wider business population can help to provide context for decisions, for instance, while reports on shareholder information can give you a different perspective. You could even opt to receive commercial credit account information sharing (CAIS) to see how your prospect pays other businesses.

Boost team performance

Ensuring that your team has access to high-quality business credit reports has several benefits. Most importantly, it improves overall decision making, reducing risk and avoiding the prospect of bad debts in the future. It also boosts efficiency by minimising the need for lengthy research while auditable reports storage improves governance. Finally, understanding a business’s financial circumstances enables you to tailor your offer to its needs, improving uptake. 

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