Credit risk management

Minimise risk and maximise opportunities with credit risk management, assessment, and data.

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Increase profitability with credit risk management and analysis

Assess the creditworthiness of consumers and commercial organisations to find opportunities for growth, reduce credit risk, and minimise defaults and losses.

Analyse key data points, including credit scores, income estimation, current account turnover, employment history, cash flow, profitability, and economic forecasts that will allow you to gauge the risk of providing credit and safeguard the profitability of your lending portfolio.

Consumer credit risk

Use the latest credit and affordability data to minimise risk and maximise opportunities by accurately analysing the creditworthiness of consumers now and in the future. Combine the best of bureau and open data with our economic forecasts and analytical software to provide essential insight on consumer and business risk. Understand your customers credit consumption and capacity to afford further credit. Identify opportunities for growth without increasing risk to your business.

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Commercial credit risk

SME customers want fast onboarding, digital lending decisions and 24/7 services. Commercial lenders need to implement and improve digital onboarding journeys to meet this need and grow. However, with rising delinquencies there is also a need to balance risk. New regulations and data-sharing requirements drive greater choices for SMEs in commercial lending, increasing competition. The current business landscape is volatile. Attracting quality customers is essential to mitigate risk and increase revenue. Assessing affordability is key to managing risk while offering fair, responsible lending. The cost of SME lending can be high. Automation and better risk decisions present a huge opportunity to lower costs and grow your portfolio. But neither need be a trade-off. Both are possible with onboarding from Experian.

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We can tailor our commercial lending risk solutions to meet your business needs. Let’s talk.

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