What if your online identity check actually improved your customer’s experience?

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Identity checking with Identity Authenticate

When you need an identity check for a customer, you want to give them the smoothest and safest experience possible. You need to balance this with meeting regulatory requirements such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements. Identity Authenticate helps you to achieve this by delivering an identity verification check for a rapid result while supporting you to operate responsibly

Who's it for?

Organisations who want an identity authentication system integrated with their existing application processes.

Key features

  • Delivers identity verification in real-time to speed up your customer process
  • Designed to support regulatory compliance
  • Confidence indicator to create a trusted relationship with genuine customers

How it works

Identity Authenticate uses an electronic, risk-based approach to validate and verify the identity of your customers. Once name and address details have been verified, further biographical details are captured on the applicant. These details are then validated against Experian’s data sources and then supplemented with checks against a number of additional ‘high risk’ data sources. All the appropriate data is passed through a scorecard to generate an overall measure of the degree of confidence that may be placed in your customer’s identity. Adaptable controls and levels of verification allow you to meet your business requirements.