Should an applicant’s social media activity influence your recruitment process?

Now more than ever, the amount of time spent on digital platforms, browsing the internet, engaging with social media, and accessing online information is increasing exponentially. All this interaction with online platforms creates a digital footprint and, regardless of one’s best efforts, most of it remains traceable.

This digital footprint is public, and companies are harvesting information to make better decisions when onboarding the right candidate.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Social Media Checks
    • What constitutes a Social Media Check?
    • How has the market evolved?
    • What legislation and guidance exists?
    • Why carry out such checks?
    • What does a Social Media Check look like?
    • Real cases of behavioural issues, such as bullying, racism, nudity, harassment, extremism, among others.
  • Internal Fraud
    • Effects that the pandemic has had on internal fraud;
    • Has working from home led to a loss of trust from employers.

We have developed a consistent score-based index, that removes bias when conducting online researches and evaluates each applicant in a fair and identical way. Hear from our subject matter experts:

  • Tracey Carpenter – Proposition Manager | Insider Threat – from CIFAS
  • Martin Hardy – Executive Director – from SP-Index
  • Matthew Brooks – Head of Sales | HR Solutions – from Experian