Shawbrook Bank creates a single customer view

Overview: Aperture Data Studio helps Shawbrook create a single customer view


Shawbrook’s goal is to identify a customer across the bank through a single identifier. The differing workstreams, data sources, and processes make it difficult to create a single customer view.

Learn how Experian’s Aperture Data Studio helps Shawbrook create a single view of their customers to generate a customer profile for financial crime reporting.

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Challenge overview

As a bank, Shawbrook must adhere to financial crime regulation and perform customer due diligence on its clients with the aim of assessing the potential risks that they pose to the company. Shawbrook set out to find a solution with a matching engine, as finding duplicates in their data was key to success.

  • Identify customers across the bank through a single identifier, finding and resolving duplicates
  • Adhere to financial crime regulation
  • Perform customer due diligence on clients
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Company Bio:

Shawbrook Bank is a specialist savings and lending bank offering small and medium-sized businesses and consumer customers in the UK a range of lending and saving products. Over the last decade they have built a bank that is designed to accommodate individuality, diversity and the dynamics of the modern world.

Company information:
Industry: Banking
Established: 2011
Number of employees: 800+
The consequence of having a tool like Aperture means that we've got the efficiency to understand the customers across all of the franchises that exist within Shawbrook in a single identifier.
Bizzy Saunders, Head of Data Governance, Shawbrook

Solution overview

Shawbrook went to the market looking for solutions comparing features like deduplication and matching, eventually leading them to Experian’s Aperture Data Studio. By consolidating the customer data into Aperture Data Studio, Shawbrook was able to standardise, dedupe, format, and enrich their data in one tool, creating efficiencies in reporting and providing a better understanding of their customers.

Experian's Aperture Data Studio helps Shawbrook create a single view of their customers to generate a customer profile for financial crime reporting.
Learn how Aperture Data Studio can help your business
  • Clear visibility into customers and insight into risks such as fraud that could lead to incompliance
  • Profiles of customers across the bank to better approach business decisions and regulatory reporting
  • Potential to enrich customer data for further product portfolio and revenue growth opportunities
Aperture Data Studio helps Shawbrook create a single customer view

Aperture Data Studio helps Shawbrook create a single customer view

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