Aperture Data Studio

An intelligent self- service data quality and enrichment platform.

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Build the most consistent, accurate and holistic view of consumers

Aperture Data Studio is a powerful and easy to use data management suite that helps you manage consumer data projects with confidence. It enables everyday users to quickly and easily develop sophisticated workflows that incorporates machine learning algorithms for automatic data tagging and enriches the data using globally-curated data sets from Experian. This ensures data quality and helps govern adherence to data standards.

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Quickly profile, standardise, cleanse, transform and enrich your data with Aperture

Our Aperture free trial gives you single-user access to our intelligent self- service data quality and enrichment platform for two weeks. Use the platform to see how it can help you manage all types of data projects with confidence, enabling you to quickly and easily profile, analyse, cleanse and transform data.

Use Data Studio to develop sophisticated workflows that incorporate machine learning algorithms for automatic data tagging and enrich your data using Experian's wide range of globally-curated data sets.

Once you have started the free trial, you will have access to the Experian Data Quality Community, where you will receive support throughout your trial and be able to share ideas and insights with your peers.

Free trial for Aperture Data Studio

Start using Aperture Data Studio and join the Experian Data Quality community forum to share ideas and insights.

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