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The online B2B Marketing system for business prospects and business research

pH Search is an online system designed to give you the business insight you need to reveal and research your best business opportunities. pH Search will show B2B marketers their best customers, allowing them to find similar prospects who are likely to turn into profitable new customers, and find new growth opportunities within an existing customer base

Research your targets

In addition to providing decision maker contact details, pH Search helps you understand a prospect business’s credit risk and corporate linkages, so you know if they have independent decision making ability.

Build B2B prospect lists

Download business prospect lists into Excel or straight into your CRM system. pH Search has access to data such as Thompson business directories to provide you with fully profiled business prospects.


Smart profiling

pH Search enables Smart prospect profiling:

  • Adaptive – measure of a business change of employment relative to turnover to indicate financial stability
  • Relative generosity – A measure of employer benefit packages to help target businesses who provide healthcare, for example
  • Short/Long term growth – Historic business performance helps predict ability to grow and lets you build smarter prospect criteria


Bespoke usability

pH Search is easy to use, but highly customisable, offering:

  • Bespoke databases – customise the date you pull prospects from, using filters such as turnover.
  • Bespoke search criteria – Pull prospect lists with reports custom to your business needs. If your customer database has been integrated with pH Search, you can apply filters based on known buying trends
  • Bespoke reporting – The report can be customised to provide the right depth of information for your business requirements

The best business intelligence

  • A full picture of a business, from company and financial information to corporate structure and contact information
  • A unique combination of business data to give you deeper and more accurate insight into business opportunities
  • An extensive breadth and depth of business information on 3.7m Limited and non-Limited companies from Thomson and other key data sources
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