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Experian’s TrueTouch classification is designed to help you meet the challenges of communicating effectively with consumers in today’s multi-channel world.

TrueTouch gives you insight into which communication channels work best with different customers and prospects and which media they prefer. It also identifies the motivations and decision making styles that influence consumers’ behaviour.

What can it do for me?

TrueTouch can help you to develop high quality, efficient and effective communication strategies.

You can make sure your message gets through by using the right channels for your target group and by identifying the most appropriate media mix for reaching different sections of your customer base.

With an understanding of your customers' motivations and decision making styles, you can also tailor the tone of your message and the style of your advertising for smarter, more relevant communications.

A few key facts

  • TrueTouch uses Experian's demographic and lifestyle data and the Future Foundation's detailed qualitative research into the motivations and decision making styles of 2,500 individuals.
  • Every UK consumer is classified into one of 22 types, aggregated into six groups.
  • The 22 types are linked to six decision-making styles, providing insight into consumers' motivations when using different media and the processes they go through in deciding about products and services.

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0844 481 8787

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