Customer and consumer segmentation

Sorting your customers into useful cohorts or personas to make your marketing strategy relevant, effective and successful.

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How we can help you with powerful market segmentation

Successful marketing demands up-to-date understanding of what your customers are thinking and doing – as well as where they are and how they interact. We have the right audience segmentation tools to help with all aspects of marketing segmentation, including geographic and demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation, age segmentation and more.

Get into the detail with customer micro segmentation or improve your market research and market segmentation – we can help you do it.



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Customer segmentation models and strategies

Understand your audience and build a dynamic marketing strategy with all types of customer segmentation methods and products. Depending on your needs and strategy, you can use different types of market segmentation to understand where your customers are, how they behave, how they spend and what they’re likely to think. You’ll reach more customers across many touchpoints and make more effective business decisions.

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Geographic segmentation

Our geographic market segmentation software helps you see the big picture with high-quality mapping and data visualisation tools. Around the country or across the globe, using common geographic market segmentation lets you see regions and countries where untapped opportunities exist. You can seek out your ideal customer profiles and use a consistent audience segmentation method to target them.

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Attitudinal segmentation

Understand what drives people and deliver products or services that meet their needs. Attitudinal and psychographic segmentation is based on consumer motivations. Because while two individuals can look alike in terms of demographics and behaviour, they may hold very different attitudes. Market research surveys can be matched with our data to create models that identify relevant target markets.

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Demographic segmentation

Demographic market segmentation is a really useful way to precisely identify your audience based on key characteristics, such as age, gender, marital status, occupation and nationality. Using a broad range of segmentation types, our marketing segmentation solutions help you build a complete picture of the population, including the key demographics of adults, households and local areas in the UK.

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Behavioural segmentation

There are many ways to segment audiences and behavioural segmentation is a vital tool to use as part of your marketing plan. Understanding the key demographic, transactional and mobility characteristics of consumers, we can help you build a complete picture of your customers and predict their likely behaviour. This type of marketing segmentation analysis is key to any robust consumer strategy.

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Segmentation data platform

Organising your customer segmentation data makes your marketing intelligence even more effective. A customer data platform (CDP) integrates customer data from sources such as CRM platforms, transaction information, website visits, email data and social channels. Customer data platform marketing puts a powerhouse of information at your fingertips – you’ll understand your audience better than ever.

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