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Club Canvasse

Are you looking to attract more of the right type of customer to your brand or do you need  more insight on your existing customers?

Club Canvasse can help. It’s the UK’s leading home shopping data co-operative consisting of over 17.7 million consumer records meaning that membership offers you the potential to benefit from all of that data in order to gain the insight required to drive customer retention, reactivation and identify new customers.

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  • Reduce customer churn and undertake re-activation campaigns using a range of channels. These include, DM, eDM or telephone;
  • Identify new home shopping customers and target them through their preferred channel, from Facebook to targeted online ads as well as the more traditional mediums of DM or eDM; 
  • Gain customer insight based on the spending habits on over 17.7m known home shoppers;
  • Utilise bespoke modelling and analytics, specific to your business requirements.

What we do

Club Canvasse is a home shopping data co-operative run by Experian for mail order retailers. It contains transactional data on over 17.7m home shoppers, with a wealth of supplemental data from Experian’s ConsumerView product, all of which is used by our expert team of analysts to provide high performance data and insight to help you to deliver better results.

Why Experian

Experian can deliver significant improvement to your home shopping communications by utilising the vast amount of data we hold. We can also make it easier for you to deliver a cross channel marketing strategy due to recent enhancements.

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