Data audits and assessments for your business

Make smarter business decisions based on facts, not instinct, win new customers and reduce risk.

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Is your data delivering results?

You already know that data is vitally important for the success of your business. But just having it isn’t enough. You need to keep your data in good shape at all times, so that it’s useful and doesn’t put your business at risk. You also need to be able to turn your data into practical information quickly and easily. We understand this can be challenging because there’s more data to deal with than ever before. But we’re here to support you. We have the tools, services and extra data to help you maintain high quality records that are accurate and complete. You can use this information to completely understand your customers and their relationship with you. 

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How data audits and assessments benefit your business

Auditing and assessing your data helps you make smarter business decisions based on facts, not instinct, win new customers and reduce risk.

  • Identify mistakes: Check how trustworthy your data is and spot problems before they impact your business
  • Understand better: Learn about your customers from all angles. Only 18% of organisations say they have a complete view of them
  • Seize opportunities: Turn raw numbers into practical information to make profitable business decisions


Spot errors quickly


Learn more about your customers and their relationship with you


Format data to make it consistent


Turn raw data into smart business decisions


Add extra information to your own data

Match and connect

Identify multiple versions and link records

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Key features of our data audits and assessments solutions

We have all the tools and services you need to spot mistakes, plug gaps and improve the quality of your data.

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Improve data accuracy

Review, improve and manage your data to get the most out it. Remove errors and duplications. Reduce manual entry by as much as 76% on loan and credit applications and lower the risk of errors.

  • Access to hundreds of extra data sources
  • Speedier applications using form filling software 
  • Make sure contact details are correct
  • View all of a customer’s data in one place
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Improve your customer data

Build a clearer picture of your customers with extra data. Quickly check your records are correct and improve the efficiency of your business processes.

  • Access extra high quality data swiftly and easily
  • Check your data and spot problems before they damage your business 
  • Save money by only sending marketing messages to accurate addresses
  • Boost your reputation with error free, duplicate free contact details
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Rapidly deliver data-based projects

Complete data quality, data governance and data migration projects, and more, quickly and efficiently.

  • Analyse large volumes of data rapidly
  • Profile and analyse data from all your systems 
  • Discover relationships across all your data
  • Turn analysis into working models

Learn how our Data Audit and Assessments can benefit your business


A data quality audit is the process where an organisation examines its data for accuracy, completeness and consistency of formatting. The aim of a data quality audit is to improve the quality of the data by spotting and filling gaps, identifying and fixing mistakes and weeding out duplicate records. This process helps better inform an organisation’s decision-making processes.

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