Experian Match is a privacy-centric, collaborative identity solution that allows publishers, advertisers, and agencies to understand, engage and reach audiences at scale across digital media.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Experian Match is a privacy-centric solution that provides greater protection and control to consumers. Leveraging InfoSum's decentralised technology, Experian Match enables the secure linkage of first party IDs and allows rich consumer insights to be overlaid onto previously unknown audiences without the need for third-party cookies or end user registration data.

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The benefits at a glance

Find and engage relevant audiences across premium publishers with no impact on the customer journey

Enable a direct to advertiser onboarding solution

Protect consumers' privacy and give users control over their data

Easy to deploy tags with no reliance on third party cookies

Understand and address unknown audiences

Find existing customers without sharing CRM data

Leverage InfoSum clean room environment meaning your data is never exposed

Tags do not collect any behavioural data from your site

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