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Profiling and Segmentation Data

Intelligent marketing and the use of greater insight is a critical success factor in today's demanding and competitive times. Understanding changing customer behaviours, characteristics and value will put you in a stronger position to react and adapt to remain competitive.

Experian's profiling and segmentation data will enhance your depth of insight into your customers and it will allow you to make more informed decisions to drive enhanced marketing performance.

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  • Enhanced targeting and improved campaign performance and metrics
  • Enhanced power for modelling and analytics
  • Improved relevance and more timely contacts and initiatives
  • Supports creative and product development

What we do

Experian provides a wide range of propensity score data including:

Lifestyle data – a consumer database with over 1,150 separate pieces of information about lifestyle purchasing preferences of c10m UK consumers

Club Canvasse – a data cooperative of over 300 home shopping brands covering 23m individuals' transactional home shopping behaviours including recency, value and the types of products purchased

Delphi for Mailing – credit pre-screening data based on CCJs, bankruptcies, previous credit applications and other financial predictive variables

ConsumerView – provides a single, definitive and consistent view of the UK adult population, containing a broad and accurate range of demographic, socio-economic and behavioural characteristics on each adult and household in the UK, with approximately 42.3 million consumers available for prospecting purposes.

Insurance Renewal Appending – a source of approximately 20 million renewal dates that can be appended to customer or prospect data to enhance sales and maximise customer relationships

Why Experian

  • Proven data hygiene routines and verification processes which means that our data is as accurate as possible
  • Monthly updates means that our prospect data is refreshed more frequently than competitors and is therefore more up to date
  • Matching and keying is based on our Identify product providing best in class data matching to improve accuracy and volume of unique records
  • Address linking processes ensure home movers are tracked more effectively
  • Robust data sources ensure that we provide the richest data possible

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