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Powerful address validation data from 240+ countries to deliver accurate and fast results.

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What is address validation and verification?

Address validation is a method to check that the addresses you collect and have stored in your database are valid, accurate and exist by referencing authoritative data sources such as Royal Mail and USPS. 

Powered by the most precise address and location data, Experian Address Validation is the most effective way to ensure only accurate, complete and correctly formatted addresses from 245 countries populate your database. The tool can validate and verify business and consumer addresses in real-time at the point of capture and in bulk for the existing address records in your database.

Addresses can also be enriched with additional attributes such as latitude/longitude coordinates, lifestyle and demographic data, business data, and Unique Point Reference Numbers (UPRNs) and more to provide a more detailed view of your customers.

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The complete address management solution

  • Check addresses when provided: Quickly capture, validate and enrich addresses and postcodes as they are entered in your CRM system, website or any online form. Choose from multiple search methods including autocomplete.
  • Update and enhance addresses: Update, cleanse, and enhance or suppress your existing address records using our batch solution or as a one-off service for the most accurate and complete view of your customers.


Integrate into your customer support forms or e-commerce website


Integrate into your CRM or ERP  for accurate lead, contact and account records

Point of Sale

Integrate into your PoS to capture accurate details first time

Call Centre

Integrate into your call centre system to speed up data entry time and improve customer service

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How you could benefit

Man delivering goods

Accurate delivery of goods

Capture correct and complete addresses for 245 countries and enrich with lat/long coordinates to improve delivery route planning and reduce failed deliveries.

man on checkout till

Faster check-out process

Reduce the time taken to enter an address by up to 80% in your shopping cart and help to avoid costly cart abandonments.  

mobile payment

Fraud prevention

Ensure the addresses provided, wherever they are in the world, are valid and exist to reduce fraudulent applications and delivery of mail or goods.

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Operational efficiency

Capture and store only correct addresses to reduce wasted mail costs and eliminate time consuming, manual data updates.

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