Identity (ID) Checks

Build trusted relationships with your customers and make sure you Know Your Customer (KYC)

Building long term, mutually rewarding relationships with your customers is necessary for your business to have long term success. But how can you protect yourself from the risk of fraud, yet still give the customer a good service experience from the start?

An identity verification check gives you the confidence that a customer is who they say they are. These checks are returned in real time, ensuring that the customer experience isn’t affected, and only requires minimal customer information to run the check; name, address and date of birth.

Why use Identity Checks?

  • Counter the risk of identity fraud during the account opening process
  • Increase profitability by accepting more genuine customers with confidence 
  • Help to meet fraud, compliance and Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence requirements

Key features

  • Quickly authenticate your customers’ identities – with simple and easy to use results returned instantly
  • Reduce operational costs – automate the verification process and move away from a manual, time consuming process
  • Requires minimal customer information – which is checked against a variety of data sources, helping to ensure accuracy
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