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Increase your email deliverability and improve your ROI in real-time capture or bulk cleansing.

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What is email validation and verification?

Email validation ensures that the email addresses you collect and store are valid and deliverable.

Experian Email Validation is the most effective way to ensure only accurate, complete and correctly formatted emails populate your customer database. When a customer or a lead enters an email address into your online form, Experian Email Validation checks validity and accuracy, including spelling and format, corrects common mistakes in domains, and pings the inbox in real-time to ensure the email address exists, helping you capture the right information the first time around. Our filters for temporary emails, spam traps, and profanity emails flag and remove bad emails instantly, leaving only the most credible leads.

And we can apply those same checks to the data you’ve already collected, cleansing your database in batch so that you only use valid email addresses.

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Where email validation should be used

  • WebsiteIntegrate into your e-commerce processes and customer support forms.
  • CRM and ERPIntegrate into your CRM and ERP systems to maintain accurate prospect, account and contact records. 
  • Point of Sale: Integrate into your in-store POS to capture accurate email addresses first time.
  • Call Centre: Integrate into your call centre systems to reduce data entry time.
  • Bulk Email List: Arrange bulk email validation manually when you need it, or it can be run automatically within your database at set intervals. So whether you’ve just added new emails to your database or want to send to an older list, you can rest assured knowing that your emails will reach the inboxes of your customers or prospects.

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How you benefit

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Ensure your emails reach inboxes

Accurate email addresses are essential to reach inboxes. Email Validation enables you to communicate effectively with your customers and deliver important messages to intended recipients and continue to build strong relationships.

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Protect your sender reputation and improve email marketing

Sender reputation and deliverability are impacted by targeting bad email addresses. Email Validation helps to maximise your email campaign ROI by minimising hard bounces, preventing your emails being blocked and improving email deliverability.

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Prevent unwanted sign-ups

Inaccurate, fake or harmful email addresses are not credible leads. Email Validation ensures that you capture valid contact details that Sales and Marketing teams can rely on.

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Improve operational efficiency

Correcting email addresses manually is costly and time consuming. Email Validation captures accurate emails and cleanses your email lists before use. It also identifies the email domain type, consumer or business, to ensure that credible details for leads are captured.

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