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Navigate the complex web of international businesses with Experian’s International Financial Crime Reports

In today’s globalised world, businesses are increasingly interconnected and identifying company owners and shareholders is becoming increasingly complex. This makes it ever-more difficult to support Anti-Money Laundering regulations, identifying legitimate corporate structures and exposure to Financial Crime risk in client portfolios. 

As a lender, can you be certain that you are not doing business – even advertently – with a criminal organisation?

Leveraging our market-leading data, Experian can help you meet anti-money laundering (AML) regulatory requirements, reduce costs, and safeguard your organisation against reputational and financial damage.

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International Financial Crime Reports

Banks and financial institutions' ability to spot financial crime amongst UK-based businesses has made impressive advancements in recent years. But assessing and monitoring businesses with an international footprint can be much more complex, costly, and time-consuming.

Experian’s team of expert research analysts do the heavy lifting for you, providing an accurate, global report for your target organisations, anywhere in the world including the UK. The report confirms:

  • The existence of the international organisation
  • The Ultimate Beneficial Owners - who own and control the business
  • Exposure to high-risk sectors and geographies
Experian’s freshly investigated International Financial Crime reports use the latest data and market-leading expertise so that your business can be confident it meets anti-money laundering compliancy in a way that is as efficient and cost effective as possible. 

International Group Subsidiaries Report

To understand the subsidiaries that exist from a parent organisation, Experian’s International Group Subsidiaries Report provide a simple-to-follow view of the corporate tree structure for any the target entity globally.

Using our industry expertise, we can identify direct and indirect corporate linkage (both up and down the tree), estimated turnover, employee volumes, and other unique insight such as percentage of shares, voting rights and capital interests of UBOs.

Leverage Experian’s market-leading data and expertise to help your business operate compliantly, responsibly, and cost-effectively. 

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The purpose of Experian's International Financial Crime Checks is to provide a global view, verifying businesses with entities in multiple locations and jurisdictions. For domestic only reports, we offer a more complex service. Find out more about UK financial crime solutions on our Regulatory Compliance page.


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