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What is phone number validation and verification?

Phone number validation is a method to check that the phone numbers you collect and have stored in your database are valid, active and deliverable.

Experian Phone Validation is the most effective way to ensure only accurate, complete and correctly formatted phone numbers populate your database. The tool can validate and verify landline and mobile numbers in real-time at the point of capture and in bulk for the existing records in your database.  

The solution checks every part of the phone number, including the number syntax and format, country code, number length, network provider and existence on the network, porting status and reachability to ensure important communications can be delivered.

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The complete phone number management solution

Check phone numbers in real-time

Quickly capture and validate mobile numbers as they are entered into your internal systems or website without disrupting the user experience.

Cleanse your phone number lists

Cleanse your existing landline and mobile records using our bulk solution or as a one-off service to flag and remove invalid phone numbers.

500 million

phone numbers validated using our solution in 2019


telecommunications providers partner with our solution


countries and territories covered

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How you could benefit

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Reach your customers

Accurate phone numbers are essential to communicate with customers and leads. Phone Validation helps to maintain contact data accuracy for marketing campaigns or order updates.

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Enhanced customer experience

SMS messages are a popular method for multi-factor authentication during customer onboarding. Phone Validation verifies the number for a smoother process.

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Prevent unwanted sign-ups

Inaccurate, fake or harmful phone numbers are not credible leads. Phone Validation ensures that you capture valid contact details that Sales and Marketing teams can rely on.

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Reduce costs

Contacting invalid numbers and correcting phone numbers manually is costly. Phone Validation captures accurate numbers and cleanses your call lists before use.

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