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Credit portfolio management

With pressure to tighten lending criteria and reduce risk exposure, effectively managing customer credit risk is essential. But with numerous systems across many business units - or newly acquired businesses to integrate - and with the potential for incomplete data, it can be impossible to make informed decisions about a customer’s true financial situation. This directly impacts what credit limit you should set and when it should be reduced or increased.

Establishing a single view of all your portfolios and customer information gives you a clear view of each individual customer’s product holdings with you. This provides a complete picture of their true financial situation and risk behaviour, helping you make quick, accurate decisions regarding credit limits.

  • Understand the potential revenue in your existing customers by integrating data across multiple data sources
  • Improve relationship, retention and cross-sell activities with improved knowledge of customer behaviours
  • Make informed customer management decisions based on customer information across all known addresses
  • Our consultative team of data migration and integration experts can help you plan and execute a single customer view to your business requirements.
  • We cleanse and standardise addresses to the highest quality and enable a persistent person ID to be applied to customers regardless of address moves.
  • We use our knowledge of large database implementations for some of the UK’s largest blue chip companies to ensure project success.
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