The more personalised your customer offerings, the better your chances of turning prospects into customers. But how do you obtain the insight you need into a customer’s financial history to know exactly what products and services they need? Experian’s solutions are designed to help you gather this information in a compliant way, then make smart automated decisions on potentially affordable products and services.

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Pre-approved offers and products require you to get as precise a picture of your prospects’ financial situation as you can. A range of solutions exists to help you perform these ‘soft’ checks and determine which products best fit your customer’s needs. 

Put your prospects in control

Adding pre-approved products to your customer journey needs to be fast and as automated as possible. The best tools will gather all the data required and make decisions in real-time, allowing you to place pre-qualified offers in front of the customer as quickly as possible. Experian’s solutions are designed to allow customers to see what they may be able to afford without requiring them to go through a credit application process first.

Understand your prospects

In the absence of a full credit check, the best way to obtain the insight you need about your prospect is through shared financial data. For instance, you could pair your data with records from other sources, particularly those derived from credit bureaus. These provide a data-sharing hub for lenders worldwide. Experian’s solutions can connect you to more than 70 global bureaus to provide a more complete picture of an individual’s finances.

Tailored product offerings

Confirming eligibility for products is one thing, knowing which products are most likely to appeal to your prospect is another. Choose a decisioning tool that’s capable of linking prospects to products that are most likely to be of interest. Experian’s PowerCurve platform offers this functionality through its new Eligibility Check product, which taps into Experian’s data and analytics to make strong recommendations.

Personalise your strategies

Once you’ve developed an idea of your customer's financial needs, how do you balance those with your business strategy to determine which offers to make? One option is to let mathematical decisioning software do the heavy lifting for you. For example, Experian MarketSwitch Optimisation can automatically evaluate a variety of different priorities – from competing business goals to individual customer needs – before calculating the impact of every possible decision to determine which products to offer based on your appetite for risk.

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