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If you’re looking to refine your processes, improve your reaction time and give your customers more, Experian is here to help.

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For your business to grow it must take advantage of opportunities and attract new customers.

A business that is responsive and adaptable, with personal understanding and quick decision-making at its core, naturally has the upper hand. With up-to-date data sets and strong analytical tools built into your processes, you’re set for success.

Interact with customers more effectively

Customers want the best price, but your company’s appearance matters just as much. If you’re perceived to be trustworthy and professional you’re likely to win more business. This means refining your processes to work on a customer-by-customer basis and ensuring you’re offering streamlined, effective and relevant communications from end to end. Get the message right and the business follows.

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React quickly in a fast-moving market

Things change. If your business is sitting on its hands when the market shifts, you’ll be left behind by more agile competitors. 40% of organisations rely on subjective assessments to make key decisions, and less than a third feel they can use analytics to turn data into insight. But with sharp tools and rich data, making objective and well-researched decisions can be easy.

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Make responsible lending decisions quickly

Financial analysis and customer acquisition are two core elements of the lending sector, and each process is ripe for optimisation. Sharpen both by bringing together high-level customer knowledge and automated decision-making tools and you’ll attract more custom, bring new clients on board faster, and strengthen the quality of your portfolio.

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Leveraging customer insight to grow revenue

Refining your marketing processes is an opportunity to boost your earnings. Spotting gaps in the market for new products or identifying customers who may be interested in additional products from your portfolio, or even sending out the right message, is not always straightforward. But with the right tools, you can find the perfect prospects and make the most of them.

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Up-to-date bureau data

Consumer credit applications worth billions of pounds are declined every year, not due to poor credit or affordability concerns but due to incomplete applications or a lack of customer information. If you’re looking to upgrade your lending approvals process, you need to ensure you work with high-quality customer data from the start.

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