Process management

For your business to grow it must take advantage of opportunities and attract new customers. A business that is responsive and adaptable, with personal understanding and quick decision-making at its core, naturally has the upper hand. With up-to-date data sets and strong analytical tools built into your processes, you’re set for success.

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Process management

If you’re looking to refine your processes, improve your reaction time and give your customers more, Experian is here to help. To find out more about the tools that could revolutionise your lending process, click the headings below.

Customers want the best price, but your company’s appearance matters just as much. If you’re perceived to be trustworthy and professional you’re likely to win more business. This means refining your processes to work on a customer-by-customer basis and ensuring you’re offering streamlined, effective and relevant communications from end to end. Get the message right and the business follows.

Offer bespoke interactions

Creating a perfect rapport is not simply a case of communicating with your customers, it comes from communicating with each customer individually, on their level. Whether that means offering a single customer a competition-beating deal or tailoring your message beyond a simple mail merge, a solution like Experian’s Marketswitch Optimisation can help. It enables you to develop personalised communications that match your goals and customers’ priorities.

Reduce communication costs

Outbound leads are powerful, but they’re also expensive. Building quality data into your pipeline and maximising the quality of your customer records with tools such as Experian’s Marketswitch Optimisation and Aperture Data Studio helps to simplify the time-consuming aspects of your communications strategy – meaning your staff can do more with less.

Optimise your customer touchpoints and decision strategy

There’s no business crystal ball, so you’ll need to make your own predictions. A tool like Marketswitch Optimisation enables you to consider multiple potential scenarios and strategies before putting them into action. Once you’ve used its insights to balance the potential benefits with the inevitable trade-offs, you’ll be able to offer your customers the best possible interactions.

Stay on top of risk

Risk is present throughout the customer lifecycle. Analysing your own metrics against those of the market at large gives you the ability to safely meet the expectations of your customers and stakeholders without overstretching or overloading on delinquent accounts. Solutions like Marketswitch Optimisation or Ascend Analytics are ideal for this.


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