Pre-collections and collections

Improve your collections processes in a way that not only recovers more unpaid debt but also strengthens customer relationships.

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Recovering unpaid debt from customers doesn’t have to be costly, time-consuming or damaging

Discover how Experian’s debt recovery solutions provide accurate and up-to-date insights into why customers have fallen behind with their payments, helping you work with them to repay their debts while strengthening your relationship and reputation.

Reduce the risk of customers moving to collections

The fewer customers who end up in collections the better, but what steps can you take to reduce the risk of engaging in costly debt recovery processes, particularly during a pandemic? Discover the solutions that will enable you to accurately gauge a customer’s ability to keep up repayments throughout the lifetime of the agreement.

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Make your collections process fairer and more effective

Debt collection doesn’t have to destroy customer relationships if handled correctly. Start by examining why people have fallen into arrears then use expert insight and tools to formulate a plan of action that works for you and them.

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Keep track of customers

Any debt collections process relies on you remaining in close contact with your customers. Every year millions change address or phone number, and often those details don’t get passed on. Discover how to verify the details you have, plus update them when required, with the help of Experian’s cross-referenced tracing solutions.

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Treat customers fairly

How can you assess what’s a reasonable repayment schedule for your customer? There’s a balance to be struck between recovering your debt in good time and minimising the financial burden on your customer. What may be within your customers’ means today may prove to be unaffordable later on should their financial circumstances deteriorate. Discover how to use data to anticipate change to protect both your interests and the interests of your customer.

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