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The financial services sector faces a vast array of fast-moving and complex challenges, from economic volatility and shifting customer expectations, to new advances in technology and ever-evolving regulations such as the introduction of Consumer Duty.

Analysing your own performance data is vital for navigating these challenges, but you also need to understand what’s happening in the whole market, across customer and competitor trends, to get the complete picture and plan your next move.

We’re here to help you do just that, with the new Ascend Market Insights (AMI) subscription service. AMI offers a range of powerful, packaged insights – including eligibility information – to help you stay informed, manage risk and uncover opportunities across the lifecycle.

What is Ascend Market Insights?

AMI arms you with the latest market, economic, credit, competitor and customer insights, helping you better understand what’s going on, adapt to change and create significantly more successful strategies, faster.

With AMI you can more effectively manage risk and make stronger, more personalised lending decisions while transforming the customer experience. Ultimately, AMI supports your business growth and helps you maintain that critical competitive edge.

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Insights delivered directly to you

Through simple, easy-to-use dashboards, AMI brings you powerful insights on a monthly, quarterly or biannual basis, depending on your needs. Whether it’s macro-economic forecasts and trends, identifying growth segments and market opportunity, benchmarking portfolio performance, or identifying lost opportunities, AMI can be configured to your business requirements, helping you shape your strategy and decision-making.

AMI is based on data, not opinion, giving you a more accurate view of what’s happened, how you compare in the market, and what will happen in the future. You can also easily look at cause and effect based on multiple scenarios, like the rising cost of living or unemployment data.


More effective, more informed decisions

Built with best-in-class data – including bureau, economic, demographic and your own data – AMI combines cutting-edge analytics with our own economic and industry expertise to help you spot and predict changes in behaviour throughout the customer lifecycle. It also helps you identify risk and opportunity based on a sound understanding of market portfolio and competitor insights, enabling you to make better customer and business decisions.

5 ways AMI supports your credit decisions

  • Understand demand for credit so you can make changes to your product offering, design marketing strategies, increase market share and know when to tighten or relax your credit policy.
  • Evaluate the credit quality of your portfolio to optimise your credit-limit strategy and create campaigns to reactivate dormant customers.
  • Make informed decisions about new product design and when to launch. You can also know when and how to change your product lending terms and update risk / indebtedness models.
  • Understand portfolio behaviour so you can upgrade or downgrade product terms, update regulatory models and reporting, and reshape your customer segmentation.
  • Identify collection performance trends to optimise strategies and prioritisation. By recognising the success of arrangements and how well forbearance is performing, you can better understand portfolio and customer risk, including financial health and vulnerability.

Choose your subscription

We know every business is different, which is why we’ve created four different levels for our AMI packages:

Every 6 months

Subscription 1

What's included?

  • Market benchmarking

Every 3 months

Subscription 2

What's included?

  • Market benchmarking
  • Client specific benchmarking

Every month

Subscription 3

What's included?

  • Market benchmarking
  • Client specific benchmarking
  • Market opportunity dashboard
  • Collections dashboard
  • Cost-of-living flags

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Subscription details

What's included?

Market trend reports featuring essential KPIs across the entire credit lifecycle, from applications to collections.

Insights across major sectors: credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, auto finance, retail and telco.

Access to Experian’s macroeconomic, sector and regional reports. Seamlessly blending economic data and business insights, these reports provide a more accurate forward view of risks and opportunities, empowering you to make better decisions.


Questions answered
  • What is the profile of new accounts?
  • How do lending terms compare?
  • How have customers reacted to economic change?
  • Does the current market fit my risk appetite?
  • How is the market performing?
  • What is the size of the market?
  • What are the key segments in the market?
  • How do customers use the product?