One major challenge when turning prospects into customers is to ensure there’s as little friction to the acquisition process as possible. One way to help boost completion rates is to use specialist solutions to gauge customer affordability. This enables you to show personalised offers tailored according to their needs and financial circumstances.

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Eligibility and suitability

Create a swift, seamless application process for pre-qualified customers, by showing them the products they’re eligible for that helps them access affordable credit, fast. Our data and insights, trusted by marketplaces and lenders, will give you and your consumers the confidence to choose the right products.

Before you make a personalised offer to a prospective customer, you need to know what limits to put in place to ensure the products and services they’re offered meet affordability criteria. Discover the tools that exist to help perform soft credit checks that won’t disrupt your customers’ experience.

Reduce manual checks

When customers are shopping around for credit, the last thing they want is an intrusive and time-consuming manual credit check. By automating your decision-making process, you can offer potential customers pre-authorised products on a 24-7 basis. This helps give them swiftly see the type of products available to them.

Improve decision-making

Building a picture of your prospect’s finances without instigating a credit check needs more than just advanced analytic technologies. It also requires adequate data on which to determine affordability. A solution like PowerCurve Originations can combine your records with Experian’s bureau data to provide you with a more complete picture, including customers’ previous behaviour and monthly income and outgoings.

Avoid intrusive credit checks

Many customers may be wary of subjecting their finances to a full credit check with all the implications it can have on their credit score. Experian’s solutions are designed to perform soft checks that derive insight from a wide array of sources – including shared banking data – to help you make sensible prequalified offers without affecting customers’ credit scores.

Match prospects to products

Which products are best for your prospective customers? Once you’ve confirmed their basic eligibility, you need a simple solution that can quickly match their profile to products and services that are likely to be of interest to them. One out-of-the-box Is Experian’s PowerCurve Eligibility Check. This can be deployed in a matter of days but is flexible enough to be tailored to your existing infrastructure and requirements.

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