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Experian Business Information helps businesses of all sizes to work with the right businesses in the best way. Every day, we give businesses the information they need to make more effective decisions. We also help them manage and enhance their own business data, so they understand their customers and prospects better. We help them find opportunities, make informed decisions and reduce risk and uncertainty, as well as meet necessary regulatory standards. In short, we help B2B organisations to work better together and thrive. We believe that data has the power to improve and ease our lives and create opportunities for businesses by connecting them together where there is benefit in doing so.

Our modern world is built on data and is being created by virtually everything you interact with in the digital world. It’s all around us, growing in power and influence every day. In fact, it is often quoted that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last 2 years. This data matters to organisations and it matters to the people that own it. Experian Business Information work to turn that data into something meaningful for you. We gather, analyse, combine and process it to help people and organisations achieve their goals.

We always use data responsibly to create marketing, credit and compliance products and services which help organisations across many industries.

At Experian, we want to be transparent with you about how we use your business’s data. We’re passionate about data – as a force for good, as a tool to empower and improve decision making. We want to set out to you how we use your business’s data so that you can make informed choices about whether you allow that data to be used for marketing purposes by a wide range of organisations to communicate with you more effectively and offer you relevant products and services.

The General Data Protection Regulation is European Union legislation which updates and strengthens data protection law across the EU.

Much of GDPR is built on existing data protection law and principles, but overall has an intention to improve trust in digital services and to give consumers more control of their data.
Transparency is perhaps the key principle behind GDPR - an obligation on all organisations to provide clearer information about what happens to data, and enhanced rights for individuals to challenge and, in some cases stop, the processing of their data.

All information relating to an individual within a business such as, an employee email address, a contact telephone number or any attribute of a sole trader business is personal information.

When it comes to personal data, at its heart the GDPR is about treating individuals fairly, being transparent and, ultimately earning their trust and confidence. However, establishing trust is the main prerequisite for us all when we consider sharing our data. It’s clear that as individuals we think that transparency around how this data will be used is key to engaging in information exchange with organisations.

To earn your trust we know that at all times, it is our responsibility to respect any personal data we hold– to do the right things with it, to protect it, to manage it, to look after it on your behalf, and to make it easy for you to tell us not to use your data for marketing purposes.

Our Information Notices

Our Information Notices aim to do this in a clear and transparent way, to provide you with the key points about our marketing and credit data for you to read at your leisure. We want to help you to understand:

  • Where the information about you comes from
  • What services we offer to organisations which may use your personal data
  • Where your information goes
  • How organisations use it to create a better experience for you
  • How Experian and our clients keep your data secure

We want to continually improve the information we provide to you, so if you feel our information pages do not meet these objectives please contact us through the form on this page and we will look to see how we can make them better.

Marketing Transparency Notice

Learn how Experian Business Information uses and shares personal data we receive about your business that is used in our direct marketing businesses.

Compliance and Risk Privacy Notice

Learn how Experian Business Information uses and shares personal data we receive about your business to help identify and prevent illegal and fraudulent activity.

Credit Reference Agency Information Notice

Learn how Experian uses and shares personal data we receive about you and/or your business that is part of or derived from or used in credit activity.

We hold many business contact details and most businesses find great value in being communicated to about relevant B2B products and services. If, however, you would like to contact the original supplier of your data then we can tell you where your data originated using our BI Data Query Portal.