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Whatever the size of your financial institution, Experian has a range of data-led solutions to help you cut costs, improve lending decisions and comply with regulations.

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Why Experian is the banking sector’s best friend

The pandemic has turned people’s finances upside down, but armed with the right tools and services, you can meet the challenges facing both customers and your business head on. Discover how Experian’s full range of services can help your business, whatever sector you’re in.


Of lenders feel under increased pressure to understand non-financially vulnerable customers.


The number of people choosing to share their data through open banking in February 2021 versus February 2020.


Percentage of Britons who say they now use online banking apps regularly.

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The key to gaining new business lies in offering personalised services and products through a friction-free application process. Discover how Experian’s tools and solutions help you turn more prospects into customers.

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Customers won’t wait if they’re subjected to lengthy credit checks, but at the same time you need to ensure you confirm their identity and eligibility for the product they’ve chosen. Automated end-to-end solutions can offer extra speed while remaining true to your appetite for risk.

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In-life processes

Looking after your existing customers is a crucial part of your business, and the key to improving customer relationships lies in learning more about them. Find out how Experian’s solutions can help you spot opportunities and problems, enabling you to anticipate their needs better.

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When you improve the quality of your customer data, you gain access to insights that can help strengthen relationships, even in unpleasant circumstances such as arrears. By making use of Experian’s collections solutions you’ll ensure all outcomes are fair to both you and the customers you serve.

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Credit scoring and modelling

How robust are your credit-scoring models? Discover how Experian’s smart solutions can speed up your lending processes while ensuring your portfolio remains properly managed for potential risk.

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Automated processes

If you’re looking to make your business more agile and responsive both to customer needs and changing market conditions, you need to incorporate automated data-driven processes into your systems. Find out how Experian can help make that step-change to take your business practices – and the business itself – to a new level.

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Experian's Market Consultants

Our team of seasoned experts have backgrounds in specific industry sectors including banking, retail credit, utilities and telecoms across both consumer and commercial practices.

Critically, as part of Experian, our market consulting partners can draw on a unique heritage of data and software expertise to help clients with challenges or new opportunities.

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Experian partners with the UK's leading banks

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