Credit scoring and modelling

Moving swiftly and accurately is the key to a seamless lending process. Confident, safe decisioning does not mean high overheads or slow manual processing – with modern tools your credit policies can be applied entirely automatically. Whether you’re bringing new customers on board or simply evaluating your own risk, there’s no time to wait.

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Credit scoring and modelling

If you’re looking to streamline and accelerate your customer-facing credit procedures and ensure your entire portfolio is properly managed for risk, Experian can help. Click the headings below to find out how the right tools can transform your lending process.

Staying competitive in the lending market means offering the cleanest, clearest experience possible. Expectations are high, and a rapid, accurate approvals process can make the difference between a potential lead and a loyal customer. With the right tools built into your customer-facing processes, you’ll be able to react quickly and win more new business.

Make instant approval decisions

No customer wants to wait for a decision to be made. One in five people have abandoned an online application because the process was inconvenient, but there’s no reason this should happen. Building automatic credit approval into your sign-up process can allow you to offer worldwide customers an immediate decision around the clock. Experian’s PowerCurve Customer Acquisition platform is one way to make this happen.

Reduce manual processes

Lending decisions traditionally take time, money and staff. Automating your approvals process by integrating a decisioning API such as Experian’s PowerCurve Customer Acquisition, Decisioning Plus or Decisioning Premier can vastly reduce those staffing overheads, cutting costs and reducing the risk of manual errors.

Customise the approval process

Every customer is different, and every business is too. There is no one-size-fits-all approval procedure, so you need the flexibility to tailor approvals to precisely meet your processes, policies and products. With a platform like Experian PowerCurve Customer Acquisition, you can work from templates to create unique decisioning journeys and strategies that carry across the entirety of the customer lifecycle.

Integrate new solutions fast

Systems change can be disruptive, costly, and inspire internal resistance. Bringing in an existing and established cloud-based platform such as Experian PowerCurve Customer Acquisition streamlines the change process, reduces internal IT demand, and can transform your customers’ experience within weeks rather than months or years.


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