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Effective lending starts with accurate data

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The power of accurate data

Experian's Commercial Credit Bureau is a market-leading source of information on British businesses and their financial health. The bureau compiles information on credit consumption, payment behaviour and current account turnover.

The accuracy and availability of our bureau data is critical. We use this data to inform market-level insight and analysis, helping your business stay up to date with market trends and optimise credit strategy.

Experian's bureau data sits at the heart of Commercial Delphi, our commercial risk score which calculates a business' ability to pay. Commercial Delphi transforms bureau data into effective lending decisions: providing small businesses access to a wider, fairer range of credit services, and helping lenders to reach new customers and get the most out of their existing portfolio without increasing risk.

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Accurate data powers industry insights

Using data compiled from our Commercial Bureau, Experian has assessed how well UK SMEs are paying back BBLS loans, against the backdrop of continuous tough economic conditions.

Read the paper to understand the evolving risk scores of UK SMEs and how this trend across different sectors. 

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Just under 30% of all UK businesses took out a BBLS loan


77% of BBLS loan holders are repaying to schedule. 

Half of BBLS loan value is with businesses with Commercial Delphi score of Above Average Risk or worse

£1.2 billion

£1.2 billion of open BBL balances would be expected to default very soon.

Accurate bureau data powers accurate risk scores. Let's talk.

Understand how our bureau data and commercial risk scores can reduce your risk exposure and power more informed lending decisions.

Accurate data powers accurate credit decisions

Our bureau distils data from our two leading data-sharing programmes:

  • Commercial CAIS: current and historical credit repayment information, including balances, provides an informed view of a business’s payment habits
  • Commercial CATO: commercial current account turnover data providing a monthly view of cash in and out of the business to understand it's true financial position

Using three examples, we demonstrate how Experian’s commercial data can be used to help small businesses grow.

Accurate data powers accurate risk scores

Lending decisions are made using commercial risk scores. Commercial Delphi is Experian’s proprietary risk score to assess business creditworthiness. Our latest generation of Commercial Delphi is our most accurate yet, combining an enhanced blend of data assets including Current Account Turnover data to deliver increased predictive power, and better informed credit decisions.

Inaccuracy costs. We worked with two leading UK businesses to see how enhanced data accuracy reduced their risk exposure.

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Commercial Delphi Risk Scores infographic

Accurate risk scores powered by Commercial Delphi

Commercial Delphi Gen 6 is Experian’s latest commercial credit risk score used to calculate the viability of businesses over a 12-month period. Commercial Delphi is the only commercial risk score in market to use a businesses’ current account turnover data and other payment information on credit cards, mortgages and asset finance to assess business viability. 

Watch our video to see exactly what’s new in Commercial Delphi Gen 6 and how it can help lenders like yourself.

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Accurate data analysis with our Commercial CAIS insight dashboard

Commercial CAIS is Experian’s commercial data-sharing programme in which members can share and receive aggregated data on current and historical credit repayment information to provide an accurate view of customers payment behaviour.

The Commercial CAIS dashboard helps members:

  • assess their own portfolio
  • identify trends and behaviour
  • benchmark their performance against the market. 


Experian bureau data powers better lending decisions. Let’s talk.

To understand how our bureau data and commercial risk scores can reduce your risk exposure and power better informed lending decisions, fill in the form below. One of our specialists will be in touch.

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