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Revolutionising the buying experience

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) solutions are reimagining lending and revolutionising the buying experience for consumers.

Optimising the use of BNPL payment data with other information allows you to treat every customer as an individual; personalising their experience based on an accurate understanding of who they are and what they can afford.

Use our knowledge to grow

Let us give you the insight you need to make better, informed decisions to grow your business without increasing risk to you or your customers.


Access credit data for 95% of your applications seamlessly.


Confirm 80% of incomes immediately.


Check and confirm 90% of customer identities in real-time.


Increase accepts by up to 10%, without increasing risk.

How Experian can help your business

Use of BNPL services by consumers has, until now been invisible to lenders.

Experian has now bridged this gap by making BNPL payment information available to all lenders so that you can make better decisions based on a more complete view of your customers credit risk and affordability

Verifying a customer’s identity and their ability to pay is essential to reduce risk and protect your business. Our fraud and credit risk insight helps you verify a customer’s identity immediately so you can acquire safely.

Locking the door to fraudsters without user friction

In the UK last year, use of BNPL at online checkouts nearly quadrupled. But where cash flows, identity fraud usually follows. 

With the popularity of BNPL growing and consumers enthusiastic about the experience its important to ensure you know exactly who you’re doing business with.

Watch our latest video covering BNPL ID Verification & Fraud prevention, with our topic experts Tom Gadsden, Traci Krepper & Rob Haslingden.

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