Customer targeting

The first stage of the digital journey starts long before your customer arrives on your website or downloads your app. It comes when you first reach out to your audience and invite them to become customers. Find out how sophisticated customer targeting can help you get off on the right foot.

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Customer targeting

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How well do you know your customers? You need to have a clear insight into your existing customer base to retain clients and drive acquisition strategies across the UK as a whole. 

Understand your customers

A powerful cross-channel consumer classification system helps you to turn your data into powerful customer insights. For instance, Experian’s Mosaic lets you sort, compare and group customers in ways that are relevant to marketing, such as age, interests, life-stage and spending habits. Campaigns then deliver because you understand who your customers are and can communicate with them on their level.

Delve deeper

It’s possible to further enrich your data, which can give you additional insights. Experian’s ExPin, for instance, is ideal for providing a single customer view from multiple financial records, whereas BusinessView can provide comprehensive details about B2B customers, thereby mitigating the risks inherent in commercial agreements.


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