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Gaming data and industry insights

Let our trusted Gaming data and analytics help you identify and reduce risk to deliver safe, sustainable gaming.
Experian offers access to one of the UK's largest databases of financial information on consumers used by 2 out 3 of the UK's biggest gaming firms. Get personalised insights to evaluate a player’s financial risk and vulnerability to protect vulnerable players, improve the player experience, and safeguard your business.

Detect gaming fraud fast - Protect your reputation

Being able to accurately confirm the identity of player every time you engage means you can identify risk immediately, act quickly and keep your business safe. With Experian data-driven tools and insight, you can access important analytics and data to prevent fraud, and meet the demands of tighter, stricter regulations by verifying your customers, implementing a single-player view, and avoiding bonus abuse.

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Verify identity. Acquire confidently

ID verification is an important gaming tool to confirm that player is who they say they are. This check will identify any PEPs or sanctions against them and ensure they are of the minimum age to gamble. Regulatory compliance requires all gaming institutes to have the correct ID and verification checks in place. This can be achieved by implementing digital ID verification tools to onboard customers making the process easy while simultaneously reducing the risk of fraud, ensuring compliance, and protecting your revenue. Experian tools such as CrossCore, age and birth verification, and email validation provide you with greater control to manage customer risk and experience.

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Protect vulnerable customers. Grow sustainably

Using the latest bureau data gaming firms can identify financial risk and confirm a player's funds to gamble. By using this data to improve the accuracy of financial risk checks and by monitoring user spending, you can protect vulnerable customers from financial difficulty. With Experian, you can leverage a range of digital tools such as Gaming Vulnerability IQ, Work Report, and Affordability Passport to access personalised and accurate information on your customers' affordability to play.

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Gaming customer insights and analytics

Combining bureau data with gaming analytics allows gaming firms to better understand online gambling behaviour. Using the data provided, you can make better informed decisions on a customer's vulnerability and financial risk.

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Gaming Identity Resolution

A single customer view in the gaming industry can provide gaming operators with information about players' activity and online gambling behaviour to reduce the risk of financial difficulty and harm. Gaming Identity Resolution enables a gaming operator to create a single, consolidate view of a player to understand the full extent of their spending behaviour. It enables you to monitor and manage financial risk to protect vulnerable customers and deliver more sustainable gaming experiences.

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