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With increasing regulation and more people becoming financially vulnerable, it’s essential to have the right data, analytics and technology to care for your players.

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Discover how Experian is helping gaming companies like yours better understand their customers, prevent fraud and protect their business.


In fines were issued by the UK Gambling Commission in 2019.


Of customers say security is the most important aspect of their online experience.

1 in 7

Young gamblers, aged 18-24, have used self-exclusion tools.

How Experian can help your business?

Are you doing everything you can to connect with your customers and keep them safe? We know that verifying your player’s identity, assessing their personal affordability and having a complete picture of their relationship with you is top priority for the gaming industry. Click on the headings below to find out how the right technology can boost player experience without compromising on security...

Gaming is a competitive market, so it’s essential to streamline onboarding and sign-in processes so that they’re fast and simple. If not, your customers are likely to go elsewhere. But how do you balance the need for speed and ease of use with essential ID checks?

Streamline sign-ups

You can grow your business responsibly by using robust authentication routines that only accept customers who match your criteria. Instant online identity and age checks ensure that suitable customers can be onboarded seamlessly, making them more likely to stay and play.

Reduce fraud

Fraud in the gaming arena is constantly evolving and gaming businesses must adapt to protect their customers, business and reputation. Bonus abuse is one of the key issues businesses in this sector face. Wagering requirements no longer deter the practice, which makes it more important than ever to conduct thorough checks to ensure players are who they say they are.

Avoid account takeover attacks

Using passive, invisible checks when customers sign into their accounts helps to keep fraudsters at bay and protects legitimate players without the need for irksome security challenges. Best-in-class solutions employ device recognition, behavioural biometrics, machine learning and global fraud databases to spot and block suspicious activity before it becomes a problem.

Identify bogus bank details

In addition to identity and age checks, it’s important to confirm that a player’s bank account is authentic and belongs to them. Experian’s bank validation service ensures you get players’ bank account details right every time, and that payments are made to and from the right customers.

Verify email addresses

Making sure that your customer has entered their email address correctly is basic, but it’s a crucial part of the onboarding process. Some solutions can check addresses as they’re being entered, offering suggestions to fix mis-keyed input. They also verify that email addresses are legitimate, which helps prevent bounces and emails from being designated as spam.

Get ahead of the game

In a competitive market with tougher regulation on the horizon, the gaming industry faces a challenging future. Experian can help you weather the storm by providing data-driven tools and services that allow you to attract and retain players, keep them safe and protect your business from fraud and bad publicity.

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