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When data goes bad

Good data can help businesses reduce costs, maintain productivity, and better meet their customers’ needs. But data can go bad. 

Data entry typos are the simplest issues, along with entering the correct data but in the wrong field—entered directly by the customers or employees—which may conflict with the data in your CRM system. More deliberately, someone may try to hide the identity of a previous bad debtor or even a fraudster. Data can also go bad because it is duplicated or goes out of date. 

The implications of this are often associated with cost, agility, and reputation. Accurately contacting customers digitally has become more critical since the Covid-19 pandemic. 

There is a solution—a data quality firewall for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce to help businesses understand what bad data they possess, and to fix it. It all starts with data, technology, and expertise you can rely on from Experian, the world’s best-trusted data quality specialists. Capture. Check. Convert.

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Capture – Stop inaccurate data at the point of entry

The data contained in your CRM systems is one of your organisation’s most important assets. Accurate data lets you and your team easily manage new leads, upsell existing customers and provide better service all in one convenient place. But how can data quality affect the health of your CRM data—and how it can affect your business? Some of the ways bad data can get into your databases are:

  • Employee and customer data entry errors
  • Data decay
  • Duplicate records 
  • Irrelevant data

Watch this webinar to see how we identify data quality issues and how we can resolve these issues so that you can set your business up for CRM success.

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What you'll hear:

Importance of data quality management

The impact of poor CRM customer data

Customer success story

Find out how Experian Data Validation for CRM and eCommerce can achieve trusted data for contacts and leads in your database

Check – Get the guidelines on improving your data quality

Becoming a data-driven business gives your organisation an edge over your competitors. And data gives you the key to unlock and take advantage of new opportunities. Data quality plays a key role in your overall data management strategy. We provide insights and practical steps to help you implement a successful data quality management plan, including:

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11 best practices for your eCommerce checkout process

An eCommerce platform isn’t a universe of transactions and exchanges. It’s not monotonous or unemotional – it should be an easy-to-navigate system that you have an opportunity to deliver customer service at the point of purchase.

This whitepaper describes 11 best practices for an easy-to-use and optimised checkout process.

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5 risks of untrustworthy data

Data is one of the primary sources of every business to create a competitive advantage. It is now seen that since data is revolutionizing across industries, businesses are facing constant pressure to innovate and increase profitability. Therefore, it is vital to design a framework for data management to reap rewards. 

This blog highlights the importance of data quality and why it is an important investment to build a data strategy. It also uncovers tips to identify goals to embed in this framework by leveraging data quality solutions.

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How to streamline Sales process with improved CRM data

CRM data integrity is an important factor in how well your sales team can use customer data to improve sales. Poor quality data wastes time and money as your sales team fights inaccuracies.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to streamline the sales process, starting with improving your CRM data quality.

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Convert – Customer success stories

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, many businesses needed to transform their approach to engage with their customers. Traditional and in-person activities were suddenly closed due to stay-at-home requirements, making digital contact and the website more critical than ever. Read more about some of the challenges that Experian’s customers faced:


Experian Data Validation for CRM and eCommerce achieve trusted data for contacts and leads in your database. Let’s talk.

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